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FFIP Blog Review:

Author: Dennis D. Crouch, law professor and patent attorney, University of Missouri
Blog Name: The Patent Blog, Patently-O
Post Frequency: Daily
Content: All things patent oriented. Anticipation, CAFC, Claims, CLE, Contributory Infringement, Damages, Design Patent, Doctrine of Equivalents, Enablement, Inducement, Injunctions, Means Plus Function, Motivation to Combine, Obviousness, On Sale, Legislation, Patent Prosecution, PHOSITA, Priority Rights, Public Use, Software, Statutory Construction, USPTO, Vitiation

Sample post after the jump:

I recently starting using Google’s “blog recommender” tool in Google Reader and have found three very interesting blogs worth checking out:

Patent Troll Tracker: This blog rocks! Troll Tracker is an anonymous blogger, probably a patent lawyer, that reports over abusive patent claims and litigation. The posts are well cited with links to court docs. There is a current bounty out on the Tracker’s identity. A powerfully patent attorney , and alleged Troll, Ray Niro is offering $5k to anyone who unearths his identity. I strongly recommend this blog,

Wa Patents: This is a local Seattle blog run by Mark Walters a patent attorney at Darby & Darby. The content is interesting, recent and especially relevant to patent geeks in Washington. I respect the authors knowledge and depth of treatment on local and national patent issues even though I do not agree with his economic and political arguments. I recommend this blog especially to people with an interest in local patent issues.

Copyfight: This is a team blog with some impressive names in copyright law including Donna Wentworth of the Berkman Center and Wendy Seltzer of of Northeastern University School of Law. The articles are a bit on the academic side, but very well researched and cited. The only downside is that the authors seem to post in cycles and I can not tell which authors are still active or have gone elsewhere to blog.