Posted on March 23, 2007 in presentations stickers eff creative commons by Sarah DaviesComments Off

We recently sent emails out to Creative Commons and EFF asking for materials to hand out at our talks.

EFF came through with loads of stickers including “Fair Use Has a Posse –” and “Come back with a warrant! –”

Creative commons sent us a huge package with stickers, buttons, and media kits with CDs and DVDs in them.

We gave one of the media kits recently to a visiting delegate from China. She had been meeting with people in the US about intellectual property for three weeks before she came to Seattle, and she said that this was the first indication she had gotten that anyone would question our current regime and push China to allow its population to share and remix its culture in ways that the US cannot!

So big big thanks to EFF and Creative Commons!
The people of Seattle shall have stickers!!!!