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For those of you that are IP junkies with a need for another good IP blog check out IP in the Digital Age it is the public class blog for CPSC 182 over at Yale and has some great post already. Here are a few recent posts:

Music distribution models or, how much is a music file worth, anyway?
- A music distribution business model may emerge that is both profitable and fair for creators, users, and creator-users. Distributors, record labels, and the public are in dialogue through market …

P2P and the Entertainment Industry: A New Beginning?
-   As time passes and new technology develops, law must also change to take into account the dynamic conditions it regulates. As was seen in the Sony v. Universal (1984) case, each generation of…

Secondary Liability and the RIAA’s Lawsuits (or, how Grokster got everybody sued)
- Obviously, the biggest issue in the news right now is The Pirate Bay, and their ongoing trial in Sweden.  But I’ll leave that topic for someone else, and instead offer up my thoughts on Grokster’…

eBay’s VeRO: Safe Harbor at What Expense?
Earlier today, I was reading a post on Professor Lessig’s blog about a new law in New Zealand that compels ISPs to terminate someone’s internet service if they are simply accused of cop…

I wish more classes would commit to sharing the knowledge.

Unfortunately most law schools including Seattle University Law keep all their class forums in Westlaw’s TWEN system which is rubbish.  It is closed to the public, has poor usability and only works as free advertising for closed access legal research.  My copyright class last semester had a great discussion on the Harry Potter RDR case that will never see the light of day. Using TWEN is like screaming into a void.

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