Posted on August 22, 2008 in IP, privacy by Brian RoweView Comments

The panel the discussion focused on the change in generations, it covered everything from work life to the value of high school.  One issue stood out to me was Privacy.

Francine Hardaway Q: Does Gen Y.5 care about Privacy?

Mark Bao A: Most don’t care at all.  Maybe 20% care at most.

This is one of the largest rifts between generations.  Many Non-Profits (ACLU, EFF, EPIC to name a few) are currently focusing on privacy issues and we have a whole generation maturing that do not see privacy as an issue.    How do you reach out to users of BrightKite and Twinkle about privacy?

The answer may be that you can’t.  Once you start living 24-7 in the public eye, privacy becomes mute.  Issues like data portability and non-discrimination laws will take precedence over privacy concerns.

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