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Date: 9/9/08
Time: 12 noon (PDT/SLT)
Place: SL Bar Association Office
Topic: “Trademark Infringement in Virtual Worlds,” by Stephen Wu (SL: ‘Legal Writer’).
Cost: FREE!
CLE Credit: 1 hour California MCLE
To register visit

Speaker Stephen Wu (SL: ‘Legal Writer’) will discuss the risks posed to trademark owners by widespread infringement in Second Life, and how a failure to police their marks may cause them to lose their valuable trademark rights. He will also discuss the issues raised by trademark use and infringement in virtual worlds generally, including issues applicable to clients faced with infringement of their own trademarks and to those accused of infringing the trademarks of others.

Wu has a background in software licensing, technology law, intellectual property, general commercial litigation, data protection and secure ecommerce, and has done presentations on electronic discovery, and digital evidence, Mr. Wu has recently been elected President-Elect of the 2008-09 SL Bar Association.

I will be attending my SL avatar is Sarterus Mensing

Past SL CLE posts:

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Second Life CLE Recap /2008/07/16/second-life-cle-recap/ /2008/07/16/second-life-cle-recap/#comments Wed, 16 Jul 2008 22:12:02 +0000 Brian Rowe /?p=359 SL Bar

The first ever in-world CLE (Continuing Legal Education) was held yesterday at the SL Bar Association offices.  The turn out was strong with approximately 30 attendees.  SLBA President ‘Solomon Cortes’ (David Naylor) presented a 90 minute talk on “Virtual World Legal Issues”. CLE credit is very important to lawyers because they have to take a certain number of CLE credits each year to maintain bar memberships — and these seminars can be expensive.  I have been to CLE’s with registration fees in the several-hundred-dollar range.  This is a barrier to making the law accessible to the public, since non-lawyers almost never attend due to the cost.

This was one of the better CLE’s I have attended.  The advantages of having a Second Life CLE over a traditional CLE are three fold:

  1. The virtual environment enabled a chat room function for the speaker to field questions during the presentation.  I have seen this tried in first life when Beth Kanter used twitter at NTC to gain instant feedback on her speed geeking social networking case study panel. This implementation was even smoother here when everyone could read the text stream. The interaction of the group was much more active then many CLE’s I have attend.  The chat channel along with the less formal environment allowed people to speak up.
  2. The diversity of participants was amazing with participants form all over the US and Europe possibly other areas.  There were lawyers, law students, librarians and general members of the public.
  3. The cost, $0, is amazing.

The main topics covered included tax law, contracts, copyright, trademark, privacy, crime, and ownership of virtual goods.  This CLE was an intro to major virtual issues; future CLE’s by the SL Bar will focus on particular topics.  I look forward to attending a few.  Here is the schedule:

Please feel free to contact me in SL my name is Sarterus Mensing.  Freedom for IP also has an in-world membership group which is free to join.

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In-World CLE: @ SL Bar Association Tuesday, July 15 /2008/07/14/in-world-cle-sl-bar-association-tuesday-july-15/ /2008/07/14/in-world-cle-sl-bar-association-tuesday-july-15/#comments Mon, 14 Jul 2008 23:28:38 +0000 Brian Rowe /?p=356 The SL Bar Association’s first CLE seminar will be held in in Second Life at the SLBA offices Tuesday, July 15, 2008 at 12:00 Noon Pacific. The seminar will feature SLBA President ‘Solomon Cortes’ (David Naylor) presenting “Virtual World Legal Issues.” This marks the very first time that CLE credit has been offered for an exclusively in-world event. There is no charge for the seminar, and you’ll earn 1 hour of California MCLE or England and Wales CPD credit for attending. Registration is currently still open, but space is limited.

I will be there with my SL avatar: Sarterus Mensing.

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